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Eric Sammut Series


Eric Sammut Series

Eric is a rising star of both the jazz and classical marimba world. He is noted for his unique and expressive compositional and improvisational style. His mallets feature a distinctive orange yarn, and unusually heavy heads for a very full sound, even at low dynamic levels.

Eric Sammut Series mallets sold in increments of 2 pairs (4 mallets). Price indicated is per pair.

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Price: $42.00
Product #ES8
Medium-soft, multi-toned. Perfect when used in a set of four throughout the whole range of the marimba or in the bass position of a graduated set with ES12s and ES16.

Price: $42.00
Product #3021
Soft to medium hard range of tonality.

Price: $42.00
Product #3022
Brighter than the ES12 model, but still rolls well at low levels.

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