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Dave Samuels Series


Dave Samuels Series

The original Dave Samuels DS11 and DS18 mallets have a unique small bronze core that increases the mass of the rubber head and "kicks-in" at high dynamic levels for even greater projection. They are medium weight mallets with 8.5 mm to 9 mm rattan handles. The new DS10H and DS19H mallets do not have the bronze core of the original series, but are significantly heavier and have larger heads to bring out more fundamental. The “Heavies” have rattan handle diameters of 9.5 mm to 10 mm.

Dave Samuels Series mallets sold in increments of 2 pairs (4 mallets). Price indicated is per pair.

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Price: $46.00
Product #3037
A large-headed heavy vibe mallet that has great breadth of tone, emphasizing the dark end of the tonal spectrum.

Price: $46.00
Product #3038
This mallet brings out more of the dark tones of the marimba and vibes. The attack tone is free of yarn noise and slap, great for recording or chamber use.

Price: $46.00
Product #3039
A medium weight mallet designed for maximum "cutting power" in both amplified and acoustic performance situations.

Price: $46.00
Product #3040
A heavyweight, oversized mallet that has great power in well-devloped hands. A bit brighter than the DS18, but with more fundamental as well.

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