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Two of the greatest vibes players have designed mallet lines for Malletech. These lines are made like no other vibe/marimba mallets.
Their rattan handles are measured for length, diameter and flex. The cores are tested for hardness and the wraps are counted as the
heads are wound. The 100% nylon tight-weave yarn resists wear and actually sounds better with use. We frequently hear from players
who own sets purchased 10 or 20 years ago - and they are still making music. The finished mallets in a set are individually
weighted to not vary more than seven one-hundredths of an ounce.

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Price: $45.99
Product #WW12
Warren Wolf is the "heaviest of the heavy hitters," but he wanted his everyday mallet to be medium weight.

Price: $45.99
Product #4000
The Ed Smith ELS16 vibe mallet has a complex, multi-layered construction that defines the exact sweet sound spot for a medium hard vibe mallet.

Price: $45.99
Product #3037
A large-headed heavy vibe mallet that has great breadth of tone, emphasizing the dark end of the tonal spectrum.

Price: $45.99
Product #3038
This mallet brings out more of the dark tones of the marimba and vibes. The attack tone is free of yarn noise and slap, great for recording or chamber use.

Price: $45.99
Product #3039
A medium weight mallet designed for maximum "cutting power" in both amplified and acoustic performance situations.

Price: $45.99
Product #3040
A heavyweight, oversized mallet that has great power in well-devloped hands. A bit brighter than the DS18, but with more fundamental as well.

Price: $44.99
Product #3041
An appropriate mallet for general use on vibes and marimba. The attack is noise-free and the tone wide and full.

Price: $44.99
Product #3042
A heavyweight vibe mallet that is designed for maximum power, volume and breadth of tone. A very light touch produces a full fundamental tone.

Price: $45.99
Product #3043
Excellent for small acoustic ensembles.

Price: $45.99
Product #3044
Constructed to be heard over louder ensembles without sacrificing the organic warmth of the instrument.

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