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Price: $41.99
Product #3009
A medium-hard, round-headed mallet that has clarity and a full-spectrum response in all ranges, without ever sounding harsh.

Price: $41.99
Product #3010
A booming heavy weight bass mallet that rolls as smoothly as anything made.

Price: $41.99
Product #3011
A fat sounding mallet that is good for heavy struck note passage work and rolls.

Price: $41.99
Product #3012
Produces a huge sound throughout the range of the marimba.

Price: $41.99
Product #3013
Provides a full sound in all the registers and rolls well at medium dynamic levels. This is a great general mallet for those players who want the sound of a rubber core and a bit of bite to the attack.

Price: $41.99
Product #3014
Designed to roll well at low dynamic levels, it has a wide timbral range and has the potential cutting power of a much harder mallet when pushed to high dynamic levels.

Price: $41.99
Product #3015
Suitable for when sudden color and dynamic changes are necessary.

Price: $37.99
Product #3017
Produces wide and fat tones.

Price: $37.99
Product #3018
Maximum marimba versatility. A very wide range of tonal colors.

Price: $37.99
Product #3020
Designed for maximum assertiveness on the instrument. Produces dynamic articulation and projection.

Price: $41.99
Product #3021
Soft to medium hard range of tonality.

Price: $41.99
Product #3022
Brighter than the ES12 model, but still rolls well at low levels.

Price: $36.99
Product #3023
A soft, wide-range mallet that is unusually rich in the bass, without being thumpy in the upper range.
Birch handles.

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Results 41 - 53 of 53