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PhD Series


Introducing Malletech Concert Drum Sticks

PhD Series

(Premium high-Density)

Not every Malletech stick designer has a PhD from a university, but they all have a PhD’s worth of experience in symphonic and chamber music.  All the models are manufactured with a new computer-based manufacturing process that allows Malletech to control dimensions and contours down to 1/1000 of an inch- an unprecedented level of detail, control and consistency.  While other brands of sticks are cut to shape in a matter of 10 to 15 seconds with a back-knife or grinding stones, the Malletech PhD Series are being “slow cooked” in a process that takes up to 20 times longer.  Why are we taking all that time and care?   Our artists demand a level of quality, consistency and precision that just can’t be achieved with traditional manufacturing methods.  A college-trained percussionist weighs, pitch, and “character” matches each pair - something a computer can’t do.  You will see, feel and hear the difference.  If you are really serious about snare drum, you will reach for Malletech PhD Series sticks every time you practice or perform.

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Price: $49.95
Product #WJSD

Small “lightbulb” tip, smooth taper for great rebound.  Very dense Honduran Rosewood, but medium weight.  Feels great at both soft and loud dynamic levels. 16 5/8" length, .614 diameter.

Price: $49.95
Product #TCSD

Tony Cirone is a PAS "Hall of Famer" Percussionist with the San Francisco Symphony for many decades. Former head of the Indiana University School of Music percussion department. Author of Portraits in Rhythm, one of the snare drum pedagogical standards.

Price: $49.95
Product #MBSD

Michael Burritt is head of the percussion department at the world-renowned Eastman School of Music. In addition to being one of the world's greatest marimba virtuosos, MJB is known as a world-class snare drummer and consummate total percussionist.

Price: $49.95
Product #BBSD

Bob Becker is a PAS "Hall of Famer" who is a founding member of the percussion group NEXUS and auther of the book Rudimental Arithmetic. The 190-page book has 30 pages of exercises and 8 very advanced solos. Widely known as the world's greatest xylophonist, Becker is also renowned as a snare drum virtuoso.

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