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Instruments - Marimbas

Sharp looking & expressive: yin and yang in the same marimba


Sti-let-to \st 'led.o\ n.It.



    1. A small dagger with a thin, tapering blade.


    1. An elegant high-heeled shoe with a similarly-shaped heel or toe.


    1. An elegant new marimba, hand-crafted by Malletech with narrow(er) bars and stiletto-shaped low resonators.





Question: How many reasons are there to buy a Stiletto instead of an Imperial Grand?

Answer: Lower cost

With a retail price of about $2,500 less than our Imperial Grand or Roadster, you might be able to find a Honduran rosewood 5-octave marimba for a few hundred dollars less, but why would you? All this Malletech marimba technology for the same price as other brands.


Answer: Closer spacing

While the low Stiletto bars are narrower than our Imperial Grand, they are still wider and more powerful than other brands. However, because of the closer spacing, any cross stick grip player can get a comfortable octave starting on the lowest ‘C’.


Answer: Lighter weight

The Stiletto resonators are the lightest in the world. You can lift the low section with one hand. Engineered to be set up by one person. No Roadie yet? Hmmm, that might be important.


Answer: More durable low bars

Because the Stiletto bars are longer, they are less susceptible to cracking when overplayed. They’re the same length as on “the brand made for hard players.” And if you ever do lose control, our replacement bars are a lot less expensive! Go crazy. Be sensible. Get a Stiletto.


FAQ About The Stilletto




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