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Design & Technology

Instruments - Marimbas


(1) Solid oak 2 1/4 inchthick frame ends and 1 1/16 inchthick bar rails are standard.

No other marimba comes even close to the durability of this design.


(2) Patented, quick-adjust tunable resonator stops on every note of every instrument.

Once you experience the improvement, you can never go back to non-tunable resonators.




(3) Round resonators in all registers.

No inexpensive oval, square or riveted-together box/ flared resonators are used on Malletech Marimbas.


(4) Custom wide and tall bar-posts.

Eliminates bar cord binding which can reduce ring and supports bars further away from rails so they won’t “bottom out.”




(5) Six-Part Resonators allow any Malletech 5.0 to fit into a hatchback car.

Allows single person set up – no huge bank of resonators to handle. Simply drop in the 6 sections – no screws or wingnuts.


(6) Exclusive rubber dovetail “uni-bracket” mounting system for bar-rails and resonators.

There are no metal brackets, pins or wood-towood contact to transfer noise, rattles or vibration to the frame. It’s the strongest and quietest marimba frame ever made.




(7) Antlers.

Malletech’s new “Antlers” support each set of resonators at two additional places across the span – not just at the high and low endboards. They will never sag. Nothing to tighten or adjust.


(8) “Z” Brace.

Strengthens the entire instrument and allows the player to adjust the overhang distance between the sharps and naturals.


(9)Nodal Brace.three-twelve

Malletech’s new adjustable nodal brace allows the player to micro-adjust the distance between the bar rails.



(10) Centerpole.

Super rigid hidden centerpole adds tremendous strength to the frame; reduces weight.



(11) All nut and bolt assembly.

Assembled with heavyduty bolts and nylon-insert lock nuts for several lifetimes of rattle-proof music making.



(12) Custom hinges.

The standard hinges the rest of the world uses weren’t strong enough, so we make our own out of 1/8-inch thick brass and aluminum.
















Five features that directly affect the sound of the instrument and are found on all Malletech Marimbas:


Patented Tunable Resonator Stops on every note.


Gives the player control over volume and ring time of each note. There is no other way to individually compensate for the changes in the tuning of bars and resonators caused by temperature and humidity variations.


Round tubular resonators all the way to the bottom.


Changing the shape of the low resonators to save money is not our style. Oval, square or flared flat-sided resonators produce a completely different tone in the low register. Those shapes produce many unwanted sour overtones, inconsistent volume and an “out of focus” muddy bass. Malletech’s round tubes in the bass have only the overtones of the natural harmonic series: pure, natural, focused & clean. Just like the rest of the instrument ... hmmm, what a concept!


Extra-wide Honduran rosewood bars.


Wider bars move more air and stir more souls. Even our Stiletto model – designed for easy traditional grip octaves – has wider bars than the competition. Fan yourself with two fingers and then with three. Case closed.


Extra-wide tuning arches.


Moves air more efficiently, so it produces higher volume and a wider dynamic range than a stiff bar. Improves “bloom,” increases the usable playing area and widens the timbral range too.


Choice of Resonators.


Malletech is the only manufacturer that allows you to choose aluminum or brass resonators. There are advantages to each, but we’d like to remind you that there is no aluminum section in the band or orchestra...





Height- Adjustment Malletech Style


  • Significantly faster than others, up or down

  • No need to lock or unlock when adjusting

  • No load, spring-balanced “weightless” system

  • Totally enclosed mechanism with removable crank handle.

  • Invisible looks better ...

  • Looks gorgeous high or low

  • You’ll want to adjust it – even if you’re not tall


Malletech’s new “state of the art” frame


  • Fastest set up and break down

  • 29 wing nuts – gone!

  • Vee-braces – gone!

  • Centerpole – gone! (Whoops! Hidden.)

  • 6-section drop in resonators: one person set up

  • Silent playing on the edge of high sharp bars

  • Classic beauty, simplicity and strength




Blind Listening Tests


Malletech has been the clear and consistent winner in numerous “blind listening tests.” The reason is simple: we don’t compromise our designs to save on manufacturing costs. Case in point: when we were designing our new less expensive Stiletto model, we sound-tested every conceivable resonator shape on the low range with students and professional marimbists. The most expensive round tubular resonators won every test. Guess what shape the resonators are on our Stiletto?


Finish Samples