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Price: $18.00
An energetic piece for solo marimba/vibraphone and electronics.

Price: $28.00
Product #LOCKE/P
Commissioned by the Escape X Percussion Duo, Locke's programmatic duet for marimba and vibraphone takes the listener on an idyllic (and sometimes crazy) drive along one of New Jersey's most famous highways.

Price: $10.00
Product #MICELI/WM
Written on a flight while traveling to Asia, Miceli wanted to compose a difficult yet lyrical piece for solo vibraphone. The resulting "Water Marks" is so named because it is reminiscent of drops of rain splashing as they fall into a puddle.

Price: $20.00
Percussion teachers couldn’t ask for a more colorful and diverse collection of pieces to introduce young players to all the keyboard percussion instruments. Works for marimba, xylophone, vibraphone and one that can be played on glockenspiel make this a valuable teaching tool and studio or recital resource.

Price: $40.00
Product #Warrior/0
One vibraphone, three players, six movements, 15 minutes ... I must admit this didn't seem enticing at first; however Jonathan Kolm creates some very nice moments by utilizing various performance techniques. The selected techniques create wonderful changes in timbre and definitely provide a much-needed contrast for the ear of the listener.

-- Jason Baker, Percussive Notes

Price: $23.00

Price: $9.00
Product #URE/MM2
In this composition, Ure treats the vibraphone as a classical instrument and explores its natural polyphonic ability.

Price: $7.00

Price: $5.00

Price: $5.00

Price: $8.00
Product #PIPER/AG
A challenging arrangement of the old traditional tune, including a section which shows off the performer's improvisatory skills, this one is sure to be a favorite with performers and audience alike. (Piper's concert performances of "Amazing Grace" have unfailingly brought down the house!)

Price: $8.00
Product #PIPER/BIS
Baroque in Swing is another of the popular "Seven Songs for Vibraphone" performed and recorded by John Mark Piper. With its bouncy intro and rapid patters of rapid 16ths, this piece is a challenge and an opportunity for serious vibraphonists to display their skills.

Price: $5.00

Price: $8.00
Product #PIPER/CG
Conflicting Goodbyes, as the title suggests, has a lyrical, introspective melody, requiring the soloist to play expressively and with attention to tonal and dynamic nuances. A lovely piece!

Price: $8.00
A slower, more introspective composition than 'Spring Valley Kids', 'Just a Step Away' offers the performer the opportunity to shape the composition through improvisation.

Price: $8.00
Product #PIPER/S
A bright 3/4 tune in C, easier to play than most of Piper's Seven Songs. Spot would make an excellent jury piece for the developing vibraphonist.

Price: $8.00
Product #PIPER/SVK
A charming, lively solo, 'Spring Valley Kids' may be performed either by vibraphone alone or with optional rhythm section accompaniment (lead sheet included).

Price: $8.00
Another of John Mark Piper's popular 'Seven Songs for Vibraphone', as performed by Piper in live performances and on CD.

Price: $13.00
Three serious pieces for the serious vibraphonist. The etudes are tonally complex and technically challenging, as well as musically interesting.

Price: $8.00
More reflective in character than 'Baroque in Swing', 'Dreams' asks the vibraphonist to shape flowing melodic lines through subtle dynamic variations. Dampening skills are essential! As with all the "Seven Songs," the vibraphonist is also given the opportunity to improvise. May be performed as a solo or with rhythm section.

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Results 1 - 20 of 41