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Timpani Playing in the 21st Century (by David Kent)

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This book is much more than a "Method" book. It is a treatise on timpani style, temperament and preparation for life in an orchestra.

"Timpani may be simultaneously the most demanding, the most exciting, and the most satisfying of the symphonic percussion instruments - when they are played well. If not, they can be exactly the opposite. A great timpanist, probably more than most conductors, can influence the overall sound, rhythm and articulation of an orchestra. This book gives insight into every aspect of timpani performance, and every player should read it."
-- Bob Becker, from the book's foreword

"With humour and passion David Kent presents a lifetime's experience and wisdom, distilled like an essential oil. If you are a young timpanist who 'gets it,' this book will help you to learn."
-- Bill Lockhart, English National Opera

"I've not ever read a treatise on timpani, the timpanist and the art of playing timpani music [this] well written ... true, sincere, inspirational and intelligent and I recommend it to players, conductors and students."
-- Nick Woud, Principal Timpanist, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra


David Kent will be presenting a Symphonic Lab session at PASIC '14, based on the material covered in his new book, Timpani Playing in the 21st Century.
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Kent: at PASIC

Reprinted with permission of the Percussive Arts Society, Inc.
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