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Price: $48.00
Product #ADAMS/C
“... Camaraderie is a musical and exciting addition to the repertoire for solo timpani with percussion accompaniment.”
-- John Baldwin, Percussive Notes

The term “camaraderie” is defined as good will and light-hearted rapport between friends. The title is symbolic of the musical rapport between the soloist and the ensemble.

Price: $32.00
Product #KENT/TPIT21C
Timpani may be simultaneously the most demanding, the most exciting, and the most satisfying of the symphonic percussion instruments - when they are played well. If not, they can be exactly the opposite. A great timpanist, probably more than most conductors, can influence the overall sound, rhythm and articulation of an orchestra. This book gives insight into every aspect of timpani performance, and every player should read it.

Foreword by Bob Becker

Price: $59.00
Product #CF5T-SARM
This concerto is destined to become one of the most important and often-performed works in the solo timpani literature. Although it was composed and premiered by the National Symphony Orchestra in the 1960s, it has been unpublished and unavailable until it was "rescued" by Leigh Howard Stevens (at the composer's request).

Price: $35.00
For solo timpani (5 drums) and percussion ensemble.

Should you want to feature your timpanist with your percussion ensemble, this piece offers an exciting and musical experience. The work is composed for seven players, including the soloist.

-- George Frock, Percussive Notes

Price: $9.00
Intermediate to advanced technique is required for a successful performance of this theatrical timpani solo. Each movement is about two minutes in length, making the entire three-movement suite appropriate for the undergraduate timpanist. This composition should be performed as an entire unit and would be an excellent selection for a junior or senior undergraduate recital.

-- Jim Lambert, Percussive Notes

Price: $69.00

Price: $10.00
Product #HELBLE/3ET

Price: $8.00

Price: $9.00
'Four Grotesques for Timpani' expands the range of sound produced by four timpani (playing with four marimba mallets, playing on cymbals and crotales inverted on the drums) in music that is rhythmically challenging and melodically interesting.

Price: $8.00
'The Storm' is for four timpani and suspended cymbal, which is, at times, placed on one of the timpani. The outer sections are in a driving 5/8, with a slow cadenza-like middle section for contrast. Great contest or audition solo for a developing timpanist!

Price: $15.00
A timpani piece with a "difference!" The first two movements exploit traditional timpani techniques in a musical fashion, with the emphasis on sensitive ensemble playing with the pianist. In the third movement, 'Fandango', both pianist and timpanist add sections of hand clapping and flamenco-style heel stomping. A real crowd-pleaser!

Price: $19.00
Product #SARCICH/D
"Donnerkreis" means "thunder circle" in German, a most appropriate title, since the eight timpanists (each playing single timpani) surround the audience. What a finale this would make to a percussion ensemble concert!

Price: $8.00

Price: $8.00

Price: $8.00
An exciting, semi-programmatic work, "Scenes from an Ancient Battle" amply displays the timpanist's technical skills, including damping, cross sticking and independence of the two hands. Control of the extremes of the timpani's dynamic range is a must for this piece. Great choice for a contest, jury or recital!

Price: $8.00

Price: $10.00
Premiered by Roland Kohloff, principal timpanist of the New York Philharmonic. These fun pieces are easy to read with clearly notated articulations, stickings, crossings, and tuning changes.

Price: $8.00
Product #KAISER/S
A dramatic portrayal of an incident from the legend of Jason and the Argonauts, Symplegades is a highly effective composition. The use of different striking areas of the timpani, as well as of various sticks and mallets, extends the timbral colors of the instrument. Requires power, control, subtlety and finesse!

Price: $8.00

Price: $8.00

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