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Rhapsodic Interplay (by Naomi Sekiya)

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For Percussion and Piano.


Percussion: Vibraphone*, Glockenspiel, Almgloken, Glass Wind Chimes, Bass Drum, 4 Tom Toms, Bongos, Large Tam Tam, Small Tam Tam and 4 Temple Blocks

*Vibraphone parts: pedaling left to the discretion of the performer


An exciting addition to the multi-percussion repertoire, Naomi Sekiya beautifully blends the piano in with the multiple percussion in this tour-de-force. The two instruments coexist throughout the composition in a very delicate balance that truly emobides the title of the work. The piano acts as more of a multi-percussion instrument than a melodic one, and, much like John Serry's "Duet for Percussion and Keyboards," expands the palette of what is possible from a piano. There are moments of absolute beauty and moments of sheer power and aggression that perpetuate the piece ever forward.
This piece definitely requires two strong performers with advanced abilities to accurately depict "Interplay." In fact, many times throughout the work the piano part surpasses the demands of the percussion part, so a strong pianist is a must. With shifting time signatures, tone clusters and tricky tutti rhythmic passages, this piece will work incredibly well for an advanced degree recital or professional performance. At 18 minutes in length, it is sure to entertain a variety of audiences
Marcus D. Reddick, Percussive Notes -- July 2017

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