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Mirages (by Eric Sammut)

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Product Information

Mirages is an original piece written with four movements for vibraphone, marimba, double bass, drums and clarinet/bass clarinet. In the composition I wanted to express four different musical moods and personalities. The first movement has a "cool jazz" feel to it. The second movement has been electronically processed and distorted, which I think expresses an experimental character. The third movement was inspired by a provocative composition by Gary Thomas, a saxophonist. In the fourth movement, I was inspired by the "bluesy flat third" sound that permeates the film score by Bermard Herrmann in Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver

-Eric Sammut

Mirages is featured on Eric Sammut's CD of the same name: Mirages

Movement I


Movement II

Movement  III


Movement IV


Movement I Excerpt
Movement II Excerpt
Movement III Excerpt
Movement IV Excerpt