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Price: $74.00
Product #GS_Outgoing
Outgoing (original version 2011) is scored for piano, marimba (5.0), timpani and two percussionists, and is approximately 9'30" in length. In instrumentation only, I had in mind the Sonata for Two Pianists and Two Percussionists by Bartok. The marimba part is the second piano part. There is a highly chromatic timpani part as in the Sonata. The percussion parts are really in effect a drum set part split into two parts, one playing the drums and one playing cymbals, thus completing the similarity in instrumentation to the Bartok Sonata. This is a broad and expansive work, encompassing a number of different styles of music and expressive capabilities of the exciting chamber group.

Price: $38.00
Product #GS_SiA
Somewhere in Africa There's a Whirlwind was composed in 2010 for two five octave marimbas. This is an exciting and virtuosic work, written for Marco Schirripa and Sean Gill, who gave the premiere performance and recorded it on Stout's most recent CD Welcome to Stoutland ( The "whirlwind" portion of the title refers to the fast passage work in the marimba one part. The "Africa" portion of the title refers to the rhythm of the marimba two part, which is in large part based on the African double bell pattern. This work requires mature performers who posses excellent technique and advanced ensemble skills.

Price: $15.00
Product #GS_AF
Afternoon Footprints was written for solo marimba (5.0) in 2014. One of Stout's most recent compositions for solo marimba, it is approximately 7'40" in length. It was composed with the thought of watching someone walk around the streets of Paris, going through different neighborhoods and viewing some of the many and varied sites that make up the beautiful city of Paris. Highly suitable for the advanced marimba recital, this work will be appreciated by non marimbists, the general public, as well as marimbists who want a work that concentrates on musical virtuosity.

Price: $15.00
Product #SC_CL
Cerulean Landscape was written for solo marimba (5.0) in 2013 for Japanese marimbist Kana Omori. It is a moderately difficult work of 5'40" in length, in a freely composed style and form, progressing through various beautiful and lyrical landscapes. This is an excellent work to showcase the versatility and expressiveness of your musicality, and is highly recommend for a college level recital.

Price: $24.00
Product #CVXMQ_YK
The name Castle Valse Classique refers to the dance team of Vernon and Irene Castle, who were exceedingly popular performers and teachers of all the ballroom dance styles in vogue in the United States during the 1910s and 20s. The Castles' "hesitation waltz" treatment of Dvorak's Humoresque became one of their signature numbers, and Green's spectacular obbligato xylophone performance made the music persuasive enough to stand alone on records.

Price: $18.00
Product #PGM_YK
It is assumed that each numbered opus from Clair Omar Musser consisted of 20 pieces, but there is no surviving evidence of them now. The version of Opus 11, Number 3, published in 1948, had some issues with the chords and expression markings. I made some corrections and consistencies in this new edition, but I tried to keep Musser's notation intact as much as possible.
--Yurika Kimura

Price: $18.00
Product #EABM_YK
Clair Omar Musser wrote numerous etudes as many marimbists know. It is assumed that each numbered opus consisted of 20 pieces, but there is no surviving evidence of them now. The version of Opus 6, Number 2 published in 1948 had some issues with the chords, as well as with expression markings like accents, staccatos, dynamics, etc. I made some corrections and consistencies in this new edition, but I tried to keep Musser’s notation intact as much as possible. Examining several of the original manuscripts helped clarify his personal approach to notation. - Yurika Kimura

Price: $10.00
Product #GH_EN1
Echoes No. 1 for solo marimba and delay. This piece requires some form of delay mechanism, which produces the "echoing" effect from the marimba throughout the work. Performers are encouraged to explore the many possibilities of this work.

Price: $30.00
Product #AOWT_DW
A One Way Ticket is inspired by a poem of Kelsey Burritt’s entitled Drone. This percussion duet was written for and performed by the percussion duo, Escape X.

Price: $12.00
Product #CC_ARC
A marimba duet commissioned by the percussion duo Escape X.

Price: $14.00
Product #TB_FRFM
Mauro Giuliani is widely considered to be the leading Italian guitar virtuoso of the 19th century. He is remembered most for his concertos, sonatas, duos with violin or flute, and numerous songs and studies. In this collection, four of Giuliani's most memorable rondeaux have been transcribed for marimba.

Price: $18.00
Product #ES_VPB
This piece features a medley of popular songs from George and Ira Gershwin's "Porgy and Bess."

Price: $32.00
Product #ESXPS_CV
Chorale Variations is scored for two marimbas and consists of five short movements. Chorale Variations was commissioned by Escape X in 2013.

Price: $26.00
Product #Helble_DuoConcert
Duo Concertante for Vibraphone and Marimba is a bravura crowd pleaser for two strong players. The style has a baroque flavor, offering players and audiences to hear the materials develop, cross and re-cross parts, and engage in contrapuntal arabesques.

Price: $8.00
Product #ES_BAA
Commissioned by the Symblema Percussion Group (France). This Choro is written for 4.3 octave marimba and features Latin salsa rhythms, making this piece fun yet difficult to play.

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Results 41 - 55 of 55