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Home Trilogy (by Michael Burritt)

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Home is a reference to both my home in Rochester and “our collective home”, the earth. The piece is in three distinct movements and spans approximately 20 minutes. The first movement is titled, Painted Hills and refers to the stunning tapestry the landscape of colored leaves creates in the Fall Season. The movement is orchestrated for solo marimba and pitched metallic percussion. The second is  titled White Pines, and was inspired by the energy, crispness and majesty of these snow-covered trees in the winter months. It is scored for solo marimba with both keyboard and battery percussion. The final Movement, titled Home, serves as the epilogue to the work. The solo marimba is a continuously evolving harmonic motor with sparsely placed pitched gong and keyboard percussion interjections.

Home is dedicated to and commissioned by the internationally renowned percussion group Nexus.  It was premiered on a concert dedicated to sustainability and environmental awareness at the Eastman School of Music on May 1, 2015.

Painted Hills Excerpt
White Pines Excerpt
Home Excerpt