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Price: $15.00
Product #PENN/FP
Written for Leigh Howard Stevens

Price: $30.00
Includes CD

Price: $8.00
Product #OMEARA/R
A great introduction to many of the modern marimba techniques such as double lateral strokes. A short, sweet, and high quality "groove" piece influenced by minimalism.

Price: $10.00
An unusually lyrical work with a minimalistic influence. Based on Irish folk themes, "Tune for Mary 0." is a fine recital work that uses a blend of lateral sticking techniques to create melodic and accompanimental patterns.

Price: $6.00
Product #MUSSER/EO6N8
"Whole Tone Etude" aka "Nature Boy"

Price: $6.00
Product #MUSSER/EO6N9

Price: $16.00
Product #MUSSER/PB

Price: $8.00
Product #MUSSER/PO11N3
"G-Major Prelude" as recorded by Vida Chenoweth, Gordon Stout and many other artists. This work can be performed with or without the included piano accompaniment.

Price: $6.00
Product #MUSSER/PO11N7

Price: $13.00
Product #MUSSER/SC

Call for Pricing

Price: $12.00

Price: $5.00
Product #PETERS/G
Scored in A minor, the familiar "Greensleeves" takes the performer through two verses of the short, 47-measure composition. This arrangement would be appropriate for the intermediate-level keyboard percussionist.
-- Percussive Notes

Price: $20.00

Price: $15.00
Product #MOYER/GO
Grand Overture was originally a major work for guitar. Now that it has been transcribed, it represents a major work for us as well. Giuliani's huge contribution to guitar music is standard repertoire for guitarists world-wide. This transcription remains true to the original in both key and pitch and employs numerous advanced four-mallet techniques. If you are looking for a well-written grand show piece, this is it!

Price: $12.00
"One of the best new pieces of marimba solo literature to come along in years, this piece has the musical credentials to stand next to the best tonally-oriented works for solo instruments."
-- Percussive Notes

Price: $15.00
A beautiful to berserk theme and variations, Variations is a large scale work in four sections that has advanced technical challenges, but is within the reach of a good four mallet player. Lyrical use of the one-handed roll in octaves for a principal melody.

Price: $5.00
Product #MUSSER/EO11N4

Price: $5.00
Product #MUSSER/EO6N10
As recorded by Vida Chenoweth and numerous other artists.

Price: $12.00
Product #MUSSER/EO6N2
"Etude in A-flat Major," as recorded by Vida Chenoweth and many other artists. Can be performed with or without the included piano accompaniment.

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