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Price: $15.00
Product #LK_CS
This work for 4.3 marimba is a medium-easy to medium-difficult, tonal, 4-mallet solo in which technical difficulties like fast interval changes are avoided.

Price: $42.00
A very effective, exuberant and joyful marimba quartet with echoes of Reich and Zimbabwe.

"Players with a strong sense of rhythm and two-mallet technique are necessary for a performance of this piece. While the piece is not overly fast and choppy, note accuracy could be tricky in certain passages. A strong sense of already existing ensemble cohesion will make a performance of this piece especially successful."
-- Percussive Notes

Price: $22.00
To date, the solo marimbist's repertoire from the Classical and Romantic periods contains a handful of transcriptions. The Bicentennial Collection will give audiences a first taste of Liszt's solo piano works transcribed for marimba and fill in a long standing stylistic void in our repertoire.

Price: $20.00
Percussion teachers couldn’t ask for a more colorful and diverse collection of pieces to introduce young players to all the keyboard percussion instruments. Works for marimba, xylophone, vibraphone and one that can be played on glockenspiel make this a valuable teaching tool and studio or recital resource.

Price: $78.00
Product #BURRITT/Home
Home is dedicated to and commissioned by the internationally renowned percussion group Nexus. The piece is in three distinct movements and spans approximately 20 minutes.

Price: $10.00
Product #SS_MB
Sara’s Song was written in 2005 for one of my dear friends' daughter's wedding, Sara Sartarelli. I believe the short work represents my feelings for the family as well as the emotional significance of this beautiful occasion.

Price: $18.00
Product #DK_GC
Duet for Vibraphone and Marimba.
"This fun, low-pressure duet is full of energy and life ... Both mallet players will appreciate the challenge presented towards the end of the work where each part is written in fast eighth-note octaves." —Percussive Notes

Price: $10.00
Product #EFP
"This charming, seven-minute work for solo marimba is a quick learn and will make a wonderful addition to the repertoire of students and professionals alike."
-Percussive Notes

Price: $10.00
Product #VBO_34
Bringing Chopin's intimate and quasi-improvisational work to the warm sound quality of the modern marimba is an innate marriage. One can only wonder what he would have written for the marimba if he had access to the knowledge, pedagogy, and instrument of today. But this arrangement may give us a glimpse of this by illustrating an introspective mood for marimba. Valse Brillante is an alluring work emphasizing the sumptuous features of the marimba.

Price: $15.00
Product #EMB4_01
Seminar Etudes

Price: $58.00
Product #CWR/0
Sammut's blend of style, clear melodic ideas and improvisational elements will appear to the differing musical tastes of most audience members. As with Sammut's other works, it is only a matter of time before this becomes a favorite on college campuses.

-- Darin Olson, Percussive Notes

Price: $12.00
Product #STOUT/QR
The title, which essentially means "reflections on things from the past" doesn't have much to do with the composition itself, Stout has said. Quondam Reflections is a tonal, multi-textural, polyphonic and multi-sectional work.

Price: $10.00
Product #KOLM/H

Price: $15.00
Product #O'MEARA/I
Rich O'Meara's new piece for marimba consists almost exclusively of double lateral and single alternating strokes, has many tempo fluctuations and is improvisatory in nature. However, it looks a little more difficult and is a little longer than the typical O'Meara solo marimba piece you may be used to.

-- Julia Gaines, Percussive Notes

Price: $23.00
"Marimba Singular" is a 10-minute, groove-oriented composition that feels more like a moto-perpertual work with no end in sight.

Price: $18.00
If classics like "Rhythm Song" and "Virginia Tate" are any indication of the appeal of Smadbeck's compositional style, this piece will quickly become a favorite on college campuses.

Price: $30.00
Product #SAMMUT/S2IN1
This groove-based marimba duo is full of energy and is ideal for showcasing two advanced marimbists. Sammut's sweet jazz harmonies and rhythmic drive make this a wonderful addition to the marimba duo repertoire.

Price: $12.00
Product #BERG/IE2

Price: $14.00
Product #SAMMUT/AM
Eric Sammut's Ameline is for solo marimba. This solo is full of split, syncopated rhythms divided between the left and the right hand. This solo bounces between a 7/8 and 4/4 time signature.

Price: $18.00
Product #SAMMUT/IS
Music from Four-Mallet Ballet

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