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Price: $15.00
Product #BAHR/SR
Bahr's highly idiomatic writing simultaneously exploits both the marimba's articulate and resonant capabilities. The player needs a 5.0 octave instrument and strong technique. (Intermediate to Advanced)

Price: $8.00
An evocative short, somewhat virtuositic work which is great as a change of pace in a recital program or as an encore. Programmatically depicts the flight and demise of a butterfly. Very effective.

Price: $13.00
The 1st-place winner in the 1996 PAS composition contest for marimba solo with piano accompaniment.

Price: $8.00
Product #BRIGGS/PM

Price: $5.00
Product #BOO/PITOW

Price: $11.00
Product #BOO/PFM

Price: $7.00
Product #BOO/TSL

Price: $20.00
Product #ADLER/PBR
Based on music from George Gershwin's Opera Porgy and Bess. This work was commissioned by Leigh Howard Stevens to be a full-fledged concert work in its own right - not merely a medley of tunes from the opera.

Price: $35.00
Product #BURRITT/P12345
These much anticipated pieces appeal to players and audiences alike. They encompass a wide variety of stylistic writing, as Burritt exploits the technical and lyrical capabilities of the instrument.

Price: $15.00
Product #BURRITT/S
This piece is dedicated to marimba virtuoso She-e Wu who implored Burritt to write something "over the top". The title means "hot desert wind" and refers to the intense swirling character of the melodic lines.

Price: $10.00
A short, yet solemn work. This piece offers a perfect opportunity for the player to experiment with tone color and rubato while showing-off the resonance of the instrument.

Price: $10.00

Price: $6.00
Product #ABE/F

Price: $12.00
Product #ASABUKI/S

Price: $12.00

Price: $9.00
Product #BURRITT/F

Price: $32.00

Price: $15.00
A charming set of six intermediate level works. The musical style is unique in the marimba repertoire: Soviet influenced pictorialism with an Armenian flavored chromaticism.

Price: $18.00
(New expanded 12-movement edition) A delightful set of programmatic works that achieved standard repertoire status almost instantly when it was first transcribed 25 years ago.

Price: $12.00
Marimba music doesn't get much heavier than the second half of this set. Even the light and simple movements such as Soldier's March and Wild Rider have a certain Germanic seriousness.

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