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Price: $12.00
"Suite for Marimba" was composed in 1950, making it one of the early "classics" of the original marimba repertoire. Consisting of four movements, each depicting a specific incident experienced by Alfred Fissinger while serving as an infantryman in Europe during World War II, "Suite" is the first polyphonic work for unaccompanied marimba, combining both traditional tertian and quartal/quintal harmonies to evoke introspection, anticipation, panic and serenity.
Includes performance notes by Leigh Howard Stevens.
Recording available for download at

Price: $8.00
Product #ERVIN/TS

Price: $50.00
Juilliard composition and theory faculty member Eric Ewazen has written what many consider to be "The Great American Marimba Concerto". Only time will tell if these appraisals are correct, but everyone who hears it agrees that it is a work of great beauty and excitement.

Price: $12.00
Product #DIETZ/MU
Simple and short (142 measures), yet beautifully written. 5.0 octave marimba required.

Price: $12.00
Product #DIETZ/MET
Can be performed as a set or individually. A great recital choice. 5.0 marimba and independent roll technique required.

Price: $15.00
Product #DIETZ/NSR
A much anticipated, "In Your Face" piece for the marimbist in need of new rep. Strong technique, ability to execute independent rolls, and a 5.0 octave instrument required.

Price: $15.00

Price: $16.00

Price: $10.00
This one is sure to be popular for recital programs. 'Not a Sonata' is highly worthwhile to perform, with interesting harmonic and rhythmic concepts and a variety of technical and musical challenges.

Price: $5.00

Price: $12.00
An interesting three-movement work that puts the player through various musical styles. The first movement is rhythmic and fast . The second movement is soft and flowing in a chorale style. The last movement is a study in changing meters.

Price: $15.00
Product #CHEN/TS
This is a beautiful and innovative depiction of Xinjiang, a folk song from western China. Fluid four-mallet technique and a 5.0 octave marimba are required.

Price: $15.00
Product #CHEN/VLGO
The metrical and stylistic treatment Chen gives this traditional Chinese melody is sure to captivate any audience. Independent rolls and great overall coordination required. Can be played on a 4.6 octave instrument.

Price: $6.00

Price: $8.00
Product #BUTOV/RD

Price: $11.00
Product #BUTOV/RR
Butov has written a delightful xylophone solo, in rag style but with slightly more contemporary harmonies than the standard rags. The accompaniment parts, for two marimbists playing one marimba, are almost as much fun to play as the solo.

Price: $13.00
Phantasmagoria is a technically demanding marimba piece in one movement. The framework consists of a couple of motifs: objects with variation, sometimes grasping persistently. The conclusion is a question mark. The title could be described as "a constantly changing medley of real or imagined images, as in a dream". Duration 8-9 min.

Price: $10.00
Product #BERG/C
A blues for solo marimba. Berg got the idea for this piece from the novels of Stieg Trenter, a Swedish journalist and crime novelist. Short and clever, this piece is a perfect addition to any recital program.

Price: $10.00
Product #BERG/D
The perfect opener for any recital! The writing is wonderfully idiomatic and a joy to play. Can be performed on a 4.3. (Intermediate)

Price: $12.00
Product #BERG/IE
Berg wrote the etudes to supply his students with technical exercises. Each is unique. Get through these and you are sure to have an independent roll that never quits and left-hand endurance to be envied.

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