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Product #ADAMS/DBD

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Product #ZAK/S
A third-place winner in the 1998 PAS composition contest for small percussion ensemble. An intense exploration of the monotonal relationship between the diminished (modulatory) and augmented (resolutory) symmetrical polytonal pitch sets. The complexity of each of the individual parts mesh together to create an intriguing tapestry of ever-evolving sound.

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Product #YOUNG/E

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Product #YOUNG/F
A truly exciting new marimba duet, written especially for Studio 4 Music by Charles Rochester Young. The 6 1/2 minute work is very energetic, rhythmical and tuneful -- ideal as a closer or an encore!

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Product #YOUNG/ONO
A traditional Japanese lullaby, arranged for alto saxophone (who also plays tam -tam), marimba (4 mallets) and percussion (crotales or glockenspiel, wood block, and triangle). 'Ora No Omboko's' delicate textures and haunting melodic material make a lovely change of pace for any performance situation. The piece also provides excellent small ensemble experience for the intermediate marimbist and percussionist.

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Product #YOUNG/P

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Product #TANNER/T

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Product #STOLK/BS15
A set of five short duets for vibraphone and marimba. The marimba part can be played on a 4.6 octave instrument. Perfect for programming in a joint recital!

Price: $25.00
Product #STOLK/C
Yet another wonderful vibraphone and marimba duet from Roland Stolk! Slightly longer than Foreign Breakfast, this piece would also work well on a percussion ensemble program or a joint recital. 4.6 octave marimba required.

Price: $20.00
Product #STOLK/LAF
(for Vibes and Marimba) This composition was the winner of the PAS mallet duo composition contest. Considering the dozens and dozens of entries, that is a strong endorsement. It is fairly easy to prepare for intermediate vibes and marimba players, but it comes off to the audience as more than the sum of its parts.

Price: $12.00
David Steinquest, composer of the now-classic intermediate marimba solo, 'Meditation and Dance', has displayed his considerable compositional skills in a marimba duet. In three movements, 'Jig', 'Ballad', and 'Country Dance', the 'Suite' is definitely "listener-friendly" and should prove to be a popular addition to the marimba duet repertoire.

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Product #TAKADA/PC

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Product #SWIST/PQ1
Includes CD of "Tape Cues"

Price: $40.00
This percussion quartet won 2nd place in the 2004 Percussive Arts Society Composition Contest. It is sure to excite players and audiences around the globe and has already been performed by Northernwestern University and Rutgers University.

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