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Price: $75.00
Another of Michael Burritt's great works featuring a marimba soloist with percussion ensemble accompaniment. Second movement can stand on it's own.

Price: $50.00
Product #BURRITT/W
(for Solo Marimba soloist with Percussion Ensemble) For solo marimba and percussion quartet. The marimba part can be played on either a 4.3 or 4.6 octave instrument. A perfect opportunity to feature an advanced high school or college player. Required for performance by contestants at Les JournZes de la Percussion 2003.

Price: $15.00
Product #ADAMS/A

Price: $20.00
NEW from Marimba Productions!

Price: $25.00
Product #ADAMS/L
A companion piece of sorts to Adams' Alloy, Lignumvitae ("tree of life") uses only wooden percussion instruments. A serious, highly effective, pointilistic work, Lignumvitae demands tight ensemble playing and well-developed listening skills from the players.

Price: $15.00
Product #ADAMS/S

Price: $13.00
A delightful piece for five percussionists playing Afuche and pocket change!

Price: $12.00

Price: $15.00
Product #ADAMS/AH
The subject matter of Haiku poetry often reflects the casual coexistence of seemingly unrelated phenomena. The castanet rhythms of Southern Spain and the metric structure of this originally Japanese form of poetry are combined in Andalusian Haiku.

Price: $30.00
Product #ADAMS/E
The term equipoise refers to a state of balance or counterbalance. Each movement includes passages in which one performer improvises on a given group of pitches while the other provides an ostinato-like pattern using a complementary set of pitches.

Price: $40.00
Product #POWELL/GC
Ensemble for 4 percussionists.

The title is a combination of two separate sources; the 19th century popular song The Girl in the Gilded Cage, and the 20th century percussion ensemble work Third Construction by John Cage. The "cage" theme is further exhibited in the way the performers create a constantly evolving visual cage with their sticks.

Price: $35.00
Product #ADAMS/SOM
Shadow on Mist was composed for flautist Kim McCormick and the University of South Florida Percussion Ensemble. The flautist alternates between C-flute, alto, flute, and piccolo.

Price: $48.00
Product #BURRITT/R

Price: $50.00
This work is an unsung hero of the marimba quartet literature. A classic that will bring smiles to the players' faces at the first rehearsal (well, maybe the second rehearsal . . .), and the audience's faces in the first 30 seconds.

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Price: $40.00
Product #BOBO/I
4-part percussion ensemble.

Price: $25.00
Product #BOBO/QFSD
Written in orchestral style, 'Quartet' features a central "free" section, in which individual parts emerge and then submerge again into a continuous texture, framed by a rhythmically-driving beginning and ending. The piece was written to be performed unconducted and is a real showcase for four serious snare drummers.

Price: $15.00
Product #BOBO/SDD

Price: $20.00
This is the second of Stout's Duo Dance-Songs. It was written for Steve Mauk at the Ithaca College of Music. Like the others, both performers have virtuosic roles.

Price: $25.00
This is the third Duo (Dance-Song) written by Gordon Stout for marimba and wind instrument. Both parts are virtuosic and exciting. The two instruments compliment each other beautifully.

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Results 221 - 240 of 286