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Product #DIETZ/C

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Product #DIETZ/AR

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Product #DIETZ/EW

Price: $75.00
Product #DIETZ/MAS
For 8 percussionists, 3 of which serve as soloists and interact with the rest of the ensemble in ways which mimic the movements and works of the maskiviro (spiritual medium in the culture of Zimbabwe). Written for the NWU Percussion Ensemble.

Price: $22.00
This work for solo marimba, four percussion, and timpani is described by the composer as a "mood portrait of the dark, sultry, murky vegetation covering unexpected mysteries of the tropical rain forest." Counter rhythms and polyrhythms have a strong presence in the piece, creating a primitive atmosphere. The use of a wide array of instruments and playing implements contributes to this mood.

Price: $50.00
Product #DIETZ/RL
Rechargeble Light received its premiere performance on August 4, 2000 at the Chautauqua Institute (Chautauqua, NY) with Michael Burritt as percussion soloist. It attempts to fuse electronic and acoustic sounds in a chamber music setting. Scored for percussion soloist playing non-pitched instruments accompanied by five percussionists playing mostly pitched instruments including two synthesizers and a MalletKat (a synthesizer comprised of triggers in the shape of a mallet keyboard).

Price: $40.00
Product #DIETZ/SS
The Sharpend Stick is a Native American war song and dance that is in the "fish-step" style. It is said that the popular 1920's dance craze the "Charleston" was derived from this dance.

Price: $50.00
Product #DIETZ/US
Solo timpani (5 drums) and 4 percussionists - vibraphone/bass drum/opera gong, marimba (5.0)/field drum, 2 congas/2 cowbells/tom-tom/sus. cym./glockenspiel. 2 bongos/2woodblocks/closed hi-hat/ribbon crasher/kickdrum/crotales. Premiered at PASIC 2004 by the Victoria Memorial Percussion Ensemble (for whom the piece was written) with John Beck playing the solo timpani part.

Price: $19.50

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Call for Pricing
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Product #COLLIER/S

Price: $19.50
Product #COLLIER/T

Price: $38.00
Product #CHOI/DBOB
For vibraphone solo and three percussionists, this piece, through its four movements, serves to both fulfill the expectation of dynamic yet transparent writing and set new ones with its textural and compositional methods. The energy in this music allows it to fit into many concert and recital settings while the unique instrumentation serves as a palette cleanser next to many solo keyboard settings.

Price: $8.00
Product #CARLSON/D
A delightful piece for a beginning to intermediate four-mallet player. The marimba creates a smooth texture of triplets and 8ths throughout a 4.3 range.

Price: $13.00
Product #CARLSON/G
This song cycle for marimba and medium voice and marimba part can be played on a 4.3 and utilizes a variety of techniques, including one-handed rolls in the left hand. The infusion of jazz style elements in this piece makes it an exciting new addition to the marimba repertory.

Price: $18.00
Product #CAHN/TJC
From the first NEXUS "Ragtime" album, Bill Cahn has established himself as a great arranger and performer of "Xylophone Novelty Music". Most compositions are arranged to be performed by a xylophone soloist and four players performing on a minimum of two marimbas.

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