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Price: $38.00
Product #PENN/SS
A marimba quartet inspired by the Sonoran Desert of the Southwestern United States.

Price: $38.00
An avant-garde duet for marimba and cello, accompanying a video by Ann Steuemagel.

Price: $36.00
A duet for marimba and violin that pays tribute to Saint Catherine, one of the most popular saints in the Middle Ages.

Price: $36.00
A novelty percussion quartet where everything played (and everything spoken) is made of glass.

Price: $48.00
A new marimba quartet inspired by the garden of impressionist painter Claude Monet.

Price: $68.00
Product #CAHN/TW
Composed for NEXUS, this piece for percussion quartet and vocalist was written to bring awareness to environmental sustainability.

Price: $25.00
One of Hatch's most popular pieces, now arranged for marimba/vibraphone trio.

Price: $32.00
Product #MUZQUIZ/RE2
The sequel to Rhythmic Etude No. 1, Muzquiz gives percussionists more of the style, challenge and excitement that made its predecessor so successful.

Price: $25.00
Product #MUZQUIZ/RE1
An exciting work that will challenged the most advanced percussion ensembles.

Price: $18.00
A short but exciting piece for multi-percussion quartet.

Price: $60.00
Product #MICELI/WG
Written in tribute to percussion retail giant Steve Weiss, this mixed percussion ensemble piece for 12 players combines minimalism, quartal harmonies, improvisation and Afro-Cuban drumming.

Price: $39.00
Product #SINGER/I-SOTD(X+5M)
The inaugural work of “The Jonathan Singer Historical Xylophone Publication Series”, Singer transcribes a 1920’s recording of Billy Gladstone playing this medley with the Capitol Theatre Orchestra and arranges it for solo xylophone with marimba band accompaniment.

Price: $48.00
A percussion septet with bells, crotales, vibraphones and marimbas.

Price: $68.00
Product #ZIEK/S
Serenade is in six movements with contrasting styles.

Price: $78.00
Multum in Parvis differs from Helble's other percussion orchestra works in that most of the material is introduced and developed by membranophones rather than keyboards.

Price: $48.00
Product #ES_MIR
Mirages is an original piece with four movements written for vibraphone, marimba, double bass, drums and clarinet/bass clarinet. The composition expresses four different musical moods and personalities.

Price: $40.00
Product #GS_WM2
This marimba part to this version is exactly the same as the original for solo marimba (2010). There are now additional string parts (two violins, viola, and cello) to accompany this solo. An even more beautiful version of one of Stout's most beautiful compositions.

Price: $42.00
A very effective, exuberant and joyful marimba quartet with echoes of Reich and Zimbabwe.

"Players with a strong sense of rhythm and two-mallet technique are necessary for a performance of this piece. While the piece is not overly fast and choppy, note accuracy could be tricky in certain passages. A strong sense of already existing ensemble cohesion will make a performance of this piece especially successful."
-- Percussive Notes

Price: $42.00
Overkill is scored for four players, each utilizing multiple drums around a centered cymbal set-up. Classic rock fans will recognize the main rhythmic theme, which is played over and over, hence the title of the piece.

Price: $68.00
Product #STOUT/FF
Four Faces is scored for 5.0 marimba soloist, four percussionists, and electric bass. Rhythmically extremely interesting, and not at all like any other music for marimba solo and percussion quartet. Check it out!

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Results 1 - 20 of 278