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Rhythmic Jamabalaya (by Kevin Bobo)

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One of the talented percussionist-composer's earlier works, Rhythmic Jambalaya is rapidly gaining in popularity. Rhythmically sophisticated and harmonically interesting, Jambalaya demands a variety of different techniques, including some extended reaches in the left-hand. Pedagogically useful, the piece is also musically satisfying to the performer and listener.

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Musical FeaturesMeter = LOTS of metrical changes, however no actual meters are “designated” throughout the work, only bar lines between measures.
Tempo = “Playfully,” quarter note = 130 to begin; several tempo and style changes throughout the work.
Form/structure = basically A-B-A (Prime) Expressive markings = Lots of dynamic changes indicated.
Technical FeaturesThis piece is very difficult, but technically idiomatic for modern marimba techniques. It includes most of the basic stroke-types: independent and double-lateral strokes between the two hands, some small interval changes with reaches up to a 9th and 10th in the left hand during the “B” section. However, the majority of the work incorporates 4ths and 5ths in both hands - a very common and comfortable interval in 4-mallet performance. There are no “rolls” in this driving work until the very last measure.
Durationapprox. 6 minutes
Instrumentation Marimba 4.5 Octave (low F2) - 4 Mallets
Level SuggestionCollege/Professional