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Recollections of G.H. Green Set (arr. Becker/Kimura)

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Product Information

Bob Becker gave us the xylophone repertoire we have all been playing for the past 30 years. Here is the repertoire we'll be playing for the next 30 years.

The complete set of all nine Recollections of George Hamilton Green arragements by Bob Becker and Yurika Kimura.

Set Includes:

  1. Alabama Moon

  2. Castle Valse Classique

  3. The Hula Blues

  4. Old Man Jazz

  5. Poor Little Butterfly is a Fly Gal Now

  6. In Sweet September

  7. Swanee

  8. Watermelon Whispers

  9. Yellow Dog Blues

  10. Alabama Moon CD

"Thanks in large part to NEXUS's recordings, the G.H. Green rags are a staple within the college and university performance repertoire. Thanks to this new series of transcriptions, the depth and diversity of that catalog has been expanded."
-Percussive Notes

"Alabama Moon" CD