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Alabama Moon (by G.H. Green/arr. Becker/Kimura)

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Alabama Moon was composed (both lyrics and music) by George Hamilton Green in 1920, and quickly published by the Sam Fox Company. One of the biggest-selling songs ever issued by the company, it became a major American “hit” during 1920 and 1921, with over a million copies sold as both sheet music and phonograph recordings. Written in the nostalgic style of a southern waltz, the words and melody convey a popular period idiom of the era. The piece received a variety of treatments and orchestrations on numerous recordings by some of the top artists of the time. This arrangement features a xylophone solo part created by Bob Becker, using techniques typical of Green’s performance style. The marimba accompaniment, arranged by Yurika Kimura, is inspired by Victor Arden’s piano playing on the recording by the All Star Trio (Vocalion #14070, 1920). 

Review in Percussive Notes, July 2014

Alabama Moon

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