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Dark Wing (by David Johnson)

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From the same composer that brought "Quartz City" to the repertoire, this seven-minute duet for low-E marimba and cello is a blend of jazz and Persian influences. The title is also the name of the composer's trio, in which he plays marimba and vibraphone with a bassist and percussionist.
After a slow and brief introduction, the performers are engulfed in a brisk onslaught of odd meters. The majority of the measures are in triple meter, providing a dance-like and driving quality. The marimba part requires advanced four-mallet technique; single independent (inside and outside), double vertical, double lateral (inside and outside), and single alternating strokes are utilized. The performer must also be comfortable with independent rolls in the right hand.
I really enjoy the combination of marimba and cello and feel it is worthy of more exploration. Geared for an advanced undergraduate student, "Dark Wing" provides an opportunity for collaboration that is not often encountered.
T. Adam Blackstock, Percussive Notes -- November 2012

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