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Side 2 in 1 (by Eric Sammut)

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This groove-based marimba duo is full of energy and is ideal for showcasing two advanced marimbists. "Side 2 in 1" is approximately seven minutes in length and utilizes the full range of 5.0-octave marimba in both parts. After a beautiful, opening chorale, the work shifts to a calypso groove. The marimbists alternate between carrying the aforementioned groove and soloing. This section concludes with a 30-second improvisation based around the preceding rhythmic ideas. The final section consists of constantly shifting time signatures and virtuosic lines in both parts. Again, this is not for beginners!
This will be a fun and lively addition to any chamber program. The performers will enjoy the challenge of preparing the piece, and audiences will not be able to avoid the urge to smile and move. Sammut's sweet jazz harmonies and rhythmic drive make this a wonderful addition to the marimba duo repertoire.
T. Adam Blackstock, Percussive Notes -- November 2011

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