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Incandescence (by Jeremie Carrier)

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Product Information

Incandescence is an energetic percussion ensemble piece featuring the vibraphone as a soloist. It blends elements from Baroque, Metal, and Jazz music to bring life to the concept of the work. The initial bowed passage symbolizes the beginning of a flame emitting only a faint glow. As the piece develops the themes increase in intensity as the fire grows to its climax.


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Musical Features
Technical Features
InstrumentationVibraphone (with 2 bass bows), 4.3 Marimba, 4.0 Marimba (with 2 bass bows), Electric Bass, Drum Kit (Kick, Snare, Rack Tom, Floor Tom, Hi-Hat, Ride Cym., Crash Cym.)
Level SuggestionIntermediate