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By Daniel Levitan

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Price: $5.00
One composer, one performer, two songs and 13 minutes of music encompass this new recording. New York marimbist Simon Boyar performs both solos with conviction, leaving no doubt to the listener that he is in control.

--Brian Zator, Percussive Notes

Price: $5.00
The Inventions are scored for two percussionists, each playing a battery of four unspecified instruments. One of the instruments in each battery has a relatively long sustain, and appears on the top line of the staff the other three instruments, having a relatively shorter sustain, are arranged in order of relative pitch. In this recording, Trey Files and Dan Levitan chose the instruments collaboratively, and Trey plays both parts.

Price: $5.00
"Whether for the purposes of researching a new piece for performance or simply enjoying the music, experiencing Levitan's Marimba Four Hands (the piece and the CD) would be time well spent."

--Percussive Notes

Price: $5.00
Recording of the Baroque Suite for Marimba Solo, composed by Daniel Levitan, performed by Setsuko Kutsuno

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